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Mentor dashboard coming soon to your wiki[upraviť zdroj]


Sorry to use English, Pomôžte prosím s prekladom do svojho jazyka.

Starting tomorrow (December 7), you will have access to Special:MentorDashboard.

This special page will list the newcomers who are assigned to you so that you can check if they do some edits or if the need help. This tool is still a work in progress. Some bugs may appear, please let me know if you find something strange.

Also, a new filter will be available for mentors. Mentors can monitor their mentees' activity in Watchlist and RecentChanges, so they can help support their mentees' work. For privacy reasons, this filter can't be accessed by someone else than the mentor itself. This filter only filters mentees assigned to the mentor. This filter is not visible for people who are not listed as mentors

In the future, we will add more functions to this Mentor page.

Please ping me if you have questions! Trizek (WMF) (diskusia) 15:30, 6. december 2021 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]

@Trizek (WMF): Thank you! Looking forward to this functionality.--Jetam2 (diskusia) 19:40, 6. december 2021 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]
Hello @Jetam2! Have you tested it now? Trizek (WMF) (diskusia) 14:14, 7. december 2021 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]
@Trizek (WMF): Hello! I have taken a casual look. Some notes: it would be good to have a chance to display more than just 25 participants. Having to go through 20 pages is getting a bit long (unless I go through search every time). The next note is related: who exactly gets put on the list? It seems that I have about 500 people and most of these have not gotten in touch in any way. Does it just take anyone who registers here? It is good to be able to search though. Thanks!--Jetam2 (diskusia) 14:41, 7. december 2021 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]
Thank you @Jetam2
People are randomly assigned your name to new accounts. Depending on their motivation, these people may never edit, or they may ask you questions!
Have you noticed the "Filtry" menu? You can already choose to exclude people with 0 edits, or people with too many edits. We are currently working on adding more filters to this list of people.
Trizek (WMF) (diskusia) 14:58, 7. december 2021 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]
@Trizek (WMF): No problem. Well, that means that anyone who has signed up through this wiki will go to me. It is going to be a long list. I did notice the „Filtry“ option but that means I will have to re-filter every time I come to the dashboard. It would be good if the filter held as a setting: e.g. I would never see the 0 edit people by default.--Jetam2 (diskusia) 15:04, 7. december 2021 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]
I think you should recruit more people, of possible. I think you have plenty of potential candidates, since questions are often very simple. We have some help contents (that are translatable) who can help new mentors.
Regarding the "Filtry" option, we will change it so that the last selection you set will be reminded. It should be available soon! Trizek (WMF) (diskusia) 15:38, 7. december 2021 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]
That would be indeal. Nobody wanted to when it started, perhaps someone might want to join now. Thanks for the links and your work on this.--Jetam2 (diskusia) 16:35, 7. december 2021 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]

Have you recently checked if all mentors are active?[upraviť zdroj]


Sorry to use English. Pomôžte prosím s prekladom do svojho jazyka.

One of the goals of the Growth features is to create a connexion between newcomers and experienced users. This way, you can help promising newcomers to become more active users, but you can also discourage spammers to edit. :) As a consequence, it is important to have active mentors. We encourage your community to check if mentors are currently active. If they are not active, please consider to remove them from the list.

You have access to Special:MentorDashboard, to check on how the mentees assigned to you are going. Soon, we will provide anew module on this page. This new module will allow you to set yourself as away (for instance when you go on vacation), or to define the number of newcomers you want to take care of.

We have recently found some mentor descriptions that were not working. Please also check if the descriptions on the mentor list exceed 240 characters, or if they include HTML, CSS or wikitext. If it is the case, please note that these descriptions won't work. This may not apply to your wiki.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post them below (don't forget to ping me, please), or directly at the Growth team page (in any language). You can also subscribe to the Growth newsletter, or check on our FAQ.

Please share this message with all mentors.

Thank you for your help! And thank you for being mentors. :) Trizek (WMF) (diskusia) 17:51, 14. február 2022 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]