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Interwiki synchronization[upraviť zdroj]

Hello! This article is a part of discussion about interlanguage link conflicts. You can help to resolve it by correctly identifying content of articles in those languages that you know at a good level. Also creating of appropriate local analogue of some of templates en:Template:Iwiki-conflict, de:Vorlage:Interwiki-Konflikt or uk:Шаблон:Інтервікі-конфлікт will be very great. If you have some further questions, please, left it on my talk page. Thanks for attention. --DixonD 11:59, 22. august 2009 (UTC)[odpovedať]

Hi! This article is about "Open source" - general idea, but there is mention about Open source software (Software under license). For the "Open source software" whe have another, main article, see Open-source softvér. Best regards --ra1N 12:44, 22. august 2009 (UTC)[odpovedať]
I think the best option is to distinguish the information about Open source software from this article leaving only little mention about it. Thanks for Open-source softvér, it was missed at all in our list. So if you have two distinct articles in sk I suppose that we can place it in two different groups, anyway further clarifying of terms in article will be good. --DixonD 13:04, 22. august 2009 (UTC)[odpovedať]

Premenovanie[upraviť zdroj]

Navrhujem premenovanie článku na "Model Open-source". Názov by bol tak zrozumiteľnejší. Janhrach (diskusia) 11:05, 19. marec 2022 (UTC)[odpovedať]