z Wikipédie, slobodnej encyklopédie
Crystal Clear action run.png Toto je účet bota, ktorého spravuje redaktor Mandavi (Diskusia).

Nejde o bábkový účet, ale o technický účet, ktorý slúži na automatické alebo poloautomatické úpravy stránok Wikipédie.
Správcovia: ak bot nepracuje správne alebo spôsobuje problémy zablokujte ho.

I am a Bot from Mandavi in an automatic mode.

In case you want to report malfunctions and/or criticism, please post in my German discussion page, not here.

I am supposed to help spread relevant information between the national Wikipedias faster through putting the Wikipédia:Najlepšie články star (LinkFA-star.png) into the interWiki as you should be able to see in the article Go. My creator also hopes to make foreign languages more interesting to readers of the Wikipedia-project, and this is also where my name comes from - Botschafter (German) means ambassador, I am trying to make people understand one another better through knowing more languages.

The Bot is based on script, part of the pywikipedia framework and will run once every one or two month with a max. two edits per minute. You can find the (mostly not latest and heavily modified version of the formerly very buggy) source here.