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Web-browser.svg This user is currently, or is going to be, on vacation in real life and may not be able to respond immediately to queries. S/he may, however, edit a little from a hotel, a cybercafe, a laptop with a wireless internet card, his smartphone and/or through a wi-fi network.

About me

I am a global sysop, global rollbacker, administrator on Mediawiki as well as an abuse filter helper, OTRS member and account creator at the English Wikipedia.

How I contribute

I've been an active editor for about 3 years and I do mostly maintenance work. My home wiki is the English Wikipedia however I am more active on small wikis these days, usually cleaning up spam and cross-wiki vandalism.

Contact me

> here or any local talk page
> via IRC under the nickname Praxidicae
> By using the email this user feature (though this is my least preferred method.)