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    I understand what those warning templates are for and I am extremely sorry for what I have done. I was patrolling this wiki during my SWMT session. Since I don't speak this wiki's language, I have mistaken you for a vandal. If you are a experienced editor, you may want to login when editing. Otherwise it may create a lot of confusion in future. If you are not, then you may want to create an account. It has several benefits. Cordially, Masumrezarock100 (diskusia) 12:16, 1. december 2019 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]

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    I am sorry for confusing you. Your edit/revert was correct.--Pelex (diskusia) 18:39, 8. december 2019 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]

    Thanks for confirming. Masumrezarock100 (diskusia) 18:42, 8. december 2019 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]