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@Jaroslava.dollerova:Predpokladám, že ste použili III. zväzok Slovenského biografického slovníka. Opravte to, prosím. Vasiľ (diskusia) 20. 10. 2016, 12:01 (UTC)

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Hello Slovak friends,

you seem to have a lot of troubles with geography and names. 1. Budapest was officially founded in 1873. There was no "Budapest" in the 18th century, he was either born in Buda or Pest.

2. There was no Bratislava in the 18th century. It was Pressburg, Pozsony or Posonium. Bratislava is a 20th century name imposed on the city after the Czechoslovak troops occupied it (despite the protest of the city council and its people)

3. Pest, Buda and Pressburg were not in the Habsburg monarchy in the time. They were in the Kingdom of Hungary, that was ruled and governed by the Habsburgs.

4. Johann Michael Landerer was German, not a Slovak, so Ján Michal Landerer is pure fiction. Do you also say "Ján Jakub Rousseau" to Jean-Jacques Rousseau?

1. Yes. 2. No. The town existed at that time and it is called Bratislava today. This encycl. uses current language, not archaic language. 3. No. Wrong. Habsburg monarchy is correct. 4. Dear nationalist friend, what about complaining in the Hungarian wikipedia first (https://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landerer_Lajos)? An alleged German called Lajos, Mihály etc.? No complaints there? What a surprise...