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Nur Fettahoğlu[upraviť kód]

"Nur Fettahoğlu" is a Turkish actress. Is there a rule in your language to "translate" people's names? If not, her name should appear just as it is: "Nur Fettahoğlu" and not "Nur Fettahoğluová". Do you know that "oğlu" means "son of" in Turkish? So here you have a name which ends in "son of daughter of"... Is this possible? Let me also give a friendly advice to you about professional contributors who make spam crosswiki articles in relation to Turkish TV series. Some of the actors/actresses "spammed" by these people are not considered notable even in the Turkish language WP. (Of course I am not referring to Nur Fettahoğlu, it is just a general "heads up".) Sorry for the disturbance and cheers to all. --E4024 (diskusia) 13. 10. 2016, 14:34 (UTC)

@E4024: Yes, there is a generic language rule in Slovak, regarding feminine surnames, which applies also to foreign proper surnames (i.e., not pseudonyms, for example). See en:Slovak name#Surnames. --Teslaton (diskusia) 13. 10. 2016, 14:41 (UTC)
@E4024: Thank you for the note. The rulebook allows for exceptions to this rule of adding -ová. The issue remains highly controversial between the community members here, often resulting in edit wars. Attempts at reform did not succeed and a fragile ceasefire is maintained by not reverting moves to -ová forms.--Jetam2 (diskusia) 13. 10. 2016, 14:48 (UTC)