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Veľvyslanectvo slovenskej Wikipédie existuje ako miesto spolupráce medzi rôznojazyčnými Wikipédiami. Zoznam všetkých veľvyslanectiev nájdete na meta:Wikimedia Embassy.

Vitajte na veľvyslanectve slovenskej Wikipédie. Ak máte nejaké oznámenie či otázku týkajúcu sa medzinárodnej spolupráce alebo slovenskej Wikipédie ako takej, môžete ho umiestniť na túto stránku alebo jej diskusiu.
Správa pre veľvyslanectvo
Welcome to the embassy of the Slovak-speaking Wikipedia! If you have any announcements or questions regarding international issues or the Slovak Wikipedia, you are invited to post them here or to the Talk: page for this article.
Message to the embassy
Willkommen auf der Botschaft der slowakischsprachigen Wikipedia. Fragen und Vorschläge zu slowakischen oder internationalen Themen können hier oder auf der Diskussionsseite zur Botschaft gepostet werden.
Mitteilung an die Botschaft
Bienvenue sur l'ambassade du Wikipédia slovaque! Si vous avez n'importe quelle annonce ou demande concernant les questions internationales ou le wikipédia slovaque vous êtes invité à les signaler ici ou sur la page de discussion de cet article.
Consulter des ambassadeurs

Help! Hilfe! Aidez-moi! Apua! AIIIEE! ਮਦਦ! На помощь! Помоћ! 幫助!帮助!Tolong! 도와주세요! Дапамажыце![upraviť zdroj]

Visitors of the Slovak-speaking Wikipedia can ask one of the listed users for help directly in the languages:

(for skill definition see: meta:Meta:Babel_templates )

For complete list of user's language skills see Redaktori podľa

Language Native speaker Advanced level Intermediate level Basic level
be Renessaince
cs Jonesy, Kuvaly Kmenicka OtapkaAdrian, Maros, Bronto, Clovek55, Atomique, Wizzard, Kandy Talbot, Robzle, Jonhy Jozo
de Tlustulimu Maros, Bronto, mt7, Robo, Botev, Clovek55, Izmaelt, Rudko dubhe Jozo
en Otapka, Majki helix84, Maros, Bronto, Atomique, Robo, dubhe, Botev, Robzle, Jonesy, Pelex Liso, Clovek55, Adrian, mt7, Wizzard, Tlustulimu, Kandy Talbot, Jonhy Jozo,
eo Tlustulimu
es dubhe
fr Bronto, Izmaelt Wizzard, Jonhy
hr Pavao Zornija
hu Jozo, Vesmir, Füleki mt7, Kandy Talbot Liso Bronto
li Ooswesthoesbes
nl Ooswesthoesbes
pl Botev Mgr._Illya_Bey Kelovy, Otm, Tlustulimu, Robzle, Otapka
pt Manuel de Sousa
ru Mgr._Illya_Bey Otm, Renessaince Bronto, Pelex Adrian, Jozo, Jonhy
sv Peko
uk Mgr._Illya_Bey Renessaince

Veľvyslanci[upraviť zdroj]

Veľvyslancom môže byť ľubovoľný wikipedián, ktorý je ochotný riešiť prípadné problémy medzinárodnej spolupráce a komunikovať s užívateľmi cudzojazyčných Wikipédií.

Veľvyslancom slovenskej Wikipédie je Palica (diskusia).

Interwiki guidelines[upraviť zdroj]

These are the guidelines used for interwiki links at the Slovak Wikipedia. If you run a robot regularly, please consider using a bot-flagged account.

  • Interwiki links should reside at the very bottom of each page (after category tags).
  • An empty line should prefix the interwiki section. No comment is needed.
  • Each interwiki link should reside on its own line.
  • Interwiki links are sorted by their ISO 639 language code

Wikizine[upraviť zdroj]

Hi, I am w:nl:gebruiker:Walter of the dutch Wikipedia. I am writing you because your are listed as ambassador of your wiki. I have something to say that I think you will find useful and possibly others of your wiki also.

You know it is not easy for the members of a local wiki to be informed about what is going on in the higher levels of the Wikimedia family. This because of the language problem and the high level of fragmentation of places where you can find information.

I am now making a weekly news letter (Wikizine) that attempts to provide the news of the Wikimedia projects. The concept is to list only a very short description of the news an give the relevant url to the subject. I want it to be short, only give the news that is important for all projects. The target audience include the ambassadors. It is for people who are interested in what it going on outside there own wiki. I emphasize on the news that is practical-technical. The information comes form several "news"-pages on several wikis, the mailinglists and IRC. There will be news I can not discover. If you have news found somewhere or from you own wiki please let my know. wikizine AT

I can only create one version in something that supposed to be English. I count on the readers to inform there local wiki about the news in there own language.

Wikizine is send by use of the mailinglist Announce-l. It is only used for this. So people can subscribe without being swamped by emails like the lists.

I hope that you and others of your wiki will subscribe to Wikizine and give feedback. So that Wikizine can become really a source where Wikimedians can find out what is going on. Greetings, w:nl:gebruiker:Walter PS: do not repond here. I will not see it.

Kierkegaard[upraviť zdroj]

Dobry den

rad by som spracoval prvu kapitolu v hesle Kierkegaard, ide o velmi nepresne a skreslene informacie, rad by som Vam poslal nejake obrazky Kierkegaarda prosim vedeli by ste to spracovat dakujem za odpoved

Roman KRalik

Welcome[upraviť zdroj]

Hi, thanks for your welcome message, i don't speak slovak unfortunately, however i created an account in order to :

  • Check the unified account newly available,see meta:Help:Unified login (so i'm sysop on some other wikis :D)
  • Compare the welcome timing and the different welcome messages on different wikis: yours is very good :)
  • Check the section "gadgets" in the user's preferences ("nastavenia"): currently not installed on this wiki. Tell me if you want to install some of them, i might help.
  • Do some Interwikis...

Guérin Nicolas 19:37, 22. máj 2008 (UTC)

I echo most of Guerin's points, with the exception I'm on the English Wikipedia (because I only know English!). :D Cheers, The ed17 02:59, 10. október 2008 (UTC)

traducción al español del mensaje de bienvenida. Spanish translation of the welcome message[upraviť zdroj]

Welcome to the embassy of the Slovak-speaking Wikipedia! If you have any announcements or questions regarding international issues or the Slovak Wikipedia, you are invited to post them here or to the Talk: page for this article.

Bienvenido(a) a la embajada de la wikipedia en Eslovaco! Si tiene cualquier anuncio o preguntas respecto a temas internacionales o la wikipedia en Eslovaco, está invitado(a) a escribirlo aquí o en la página de discusión para este artículo.--Esteban.barahona 22:33, 26. august 2008 (UTC)

Hi! Need your help…[upraviť zdroj]

Hi! I'm from Polish Wiktionary. We are translating names of our main templates into various languages (our top 50) in order to help users who don’t speak Polish understand our articles. When they change language in preferences, they’ll see those words in bold in their native language., so they can understand the article and edit it. I wonder if you would be helpful and translate for us just a few linguistic terms into Slovak. How about that?

PS. Please note that some of them must be in plural. We’d be very grateful Best regards! --PiotrekSzwecja 20:53, 2. august 2009 (UTC)

Aage Niels Bohr[upraviť zdroj]

Aage Niels Bohr died September 8, 2009. [1] Griffinofwales 23:26, 13. september 2009 (UTC)

Done, thanks.-- Jonesy diskusia 07:11, 14. september 2009 (UTC)

Translation[upraviť zdroj]

Hello to evreybody,

I need a little help by translation. Can you please translate the next text into your language and put it here?:

Text (original - Serbian cyrillic):

  • Уколико желите да пронађете кориснике који причају словачки, претражите Категорија:Корисник sk. За остале језике, проверите Категорија:Језичке кутијице.
  • Уколико сте регистрован корисник на Српској Википедији а не разумете српски, молимо вас додајте {{user sr-0}} на вашу корисничку страницу. Ова порука гласи - на српском - да не разумете српски језик, тако да ће остали корисници бити обавештени о томе.

Text (original - Serbian latin):

Text (version on English):

Thanks and regards,

--FriedrickMILBarbarossatalk • 09:56, 19. október 2009 (UTC)

Energetický certifikát[upraviť zdroj]

Dobrý den.

Založil som príspevok Energetický certifikát budovy. Kde som použil text z webovej stranky www.certifiká, ktorý som vytváral a modifikujem ho pre firmu Dephia s.r.o. už dva roky. Text je informatívny, naučný a sterilný úplne bez firmených znakov a reklám. Preto som bol nepríjemne prekvapený, keď som zistil, že bol zmazaný. Mohli by ste mi prosím dat vedieť prečo, resp. ako mám tomu zabrániť v budúcnosti.

S pozdravom

Ing. Pavol Kopecký


I started a text named Energetický certifikát budovy. U used text from I am author. I created it for Delphia ltd 2years ago. Text is informative, educative, and completely advertisment free. And I was very stunned, when I found, that it was deleted. Could you please write the reason to me. Or tell me how to prevent to make this happen in the future.

Thank you.

Pavol Kopecky

P.S. Sorry about leaky english.

váž. pánk Kopecky, váš článok "Eenergetický certifikát budovy" vám zmazal redaktor Redaktor:Vasiľ obrátte sa naňho na jeho diskusnej stránke. --Peter439 10:22, 10. január 2011 (UTC) p.s. možte písať slovensky :-)

Foundation Images Policy[upraviť zdroj]

Hi everyone,
I am Yosri from Malay Wikipedia. Recently I was informed by certain parties that MS Wiki need to delete any images tagged as Non-Commercial under Foundation Licensing policy. After I have done some studies, I realised that Wikipedia Foundations is moving towards allowing commercialises all images, as such they are acting on behalf of commercial company to require all images loaded with tagging Non-Commercial in all Wiki Project to be removed, including those loaded in local Wiki. You are only allowed to licenses your images under "free content", which specifically allows commercial reuse, example GDLF 1.2. Certain images is exempted under a very narrow EDP ("exemption doctrine policy") definition. If you all already aware about this, please ignore this comment. Otherwise, for more details please visit Yosri 05:19, 2. marec 2011 (UTC)

Own subpages that can be deleted[upraviť zdroj]

Can an admin delete some of my own subpages? (See this list) I need this pages no longer. Thanks
Kann ein Admin einige meiner Unterseiten löschen? (siehe diese Liste) Ich benötige diese Seiten nicht länger. Danke --Labant 21:32, 9. apríl 2011 (UTC)

hi[upraviť zdroj]

Please help: replace this red text with a translation of the English message below. Thank you!
@MonmouthpediA announces the Charles Rolls Challenge

This is a multilingual collaboration to create a wiki-town. All Wikipedians can take part, in any Wikipedia language. The challenge was announced on 1 March (Prizegiving webstreamed on 21st April).
[Sign up now!]
"Can you imagine a Wiki Project that involves 1,000 QRpedia codes and free WiFi?"

About 15 articles so far in Welsh, could we have some from Slovakia? Victuallers 14:37, 29. február 2012 (UTC)

Translation help request[upraviť zdroj]

The Wikimedia Foundation is preparing to launch a survey that it hopes will be helpful in discussing the future of how projects are funded on Wikipedia and sister sites. (More information about this can be read at meta:Fundraising and Funds Dissemination/Resource list and meta:Fundraising and Funds Dissemination/Recommendations, but you don't need to read it to help out here. :)) We would like input from as many people as possible, but the survey translations are not yet completed in many languages, including yours. The English version of the survey is at meta:Survey of how money should be spent/Questions/en. The Slovakian version, currently 31% complete, is at meta:Survey of how money should be spent/Questions/sk. If you can help, you would be very welcome!

Translations are done using the "translation tool". If you go to this special page, all you have to do is select your language from the pull-down menu, alphabetical by language code, and click "fetch". It will bring up a table. You can easily see what has been translated and what has not, because untranslated sections are green. Click on the blue text in the left column next to content that has not been translated to open up an editing box. Above the box, the English version is shown, and you can simply enter in your language translation beneath it.

The survey is pretty short, so I hope we can get it completed in time to send it to Slovakian-speaking editors in their own language. Thanks for any help you can offer! --Mdennis (WMF) (diskusia) 17:00, 5. marec 2012 (UTC)

Translation request please[upraviť zdroj]

hi. can you translate this 2 pages please ?

  • =>> * =>> thank you very much for the help. פארוק (diskuse) 14. 6. 2012, 19:23 (UTC)

Košice2013[upraviť zdroj]

Hallo everybody - I am a part time resident in Slovakia and run a music festival at Levoča - I am working with the organising committee of Košice2013, who are creating the programme for next year when Kosice will become a European Capital of Culture. (See here). It has struck me that it would be good to incorporate (if possible) some Wikipedia event/events as part of K2013, which could lead to more and better articles on the Košice and Prešov regions in Slovak and English Wikipedias (and others as well maybe). Seeing the work undertaken with Wikipedia by British museums and cultural institutions ( see GLAM) makes me feel this could be very productive. If people think this is a good idea, and of course if Slovak Wikipedians are interested in participating in such event(s), I will propose it to the K2013 committee, and if they like the idea I will put you in touch with them. All opinions welcome, either here and/or on my home page. With thanks,--Smerus (talk) (London) 12:58, 13 September 2012 (UTC)

Wikimedia Polska scholarships for Wikimania 2013[upraviť zdroj]

Hello! On behalf of Wikimedia Polska (WMPL), Wikimedia's local chapter in Poland, I would like to invite those active editors of this project, who wish to take part in Wikimania 2013 in Hongkong (August 7-11), to apply for WMPL's scholarship. It is WMPL's annual tradition that we fund scholarships for Wikimania not only for Polish editors, but also for a group of Wikimedians from other former Eastern Bloc states. The scholarship covers air travel, accomodation, insurance and conference fee. If you would like to learn more or ask any questions, please visit this site. Hope to see you there! Powerek38 (diskusia) 23:06, 5. február 2013 (UTC)

100 Books of the Century[upraviť zdroj]

(po anglicky) Hello, I have been creating a Slovak version of the English-language book list, en:Le Monde's 100 Books of the Century.
What will be a good name for the page when it is ready?
(Le Monde is the newspaper in Paris, France.)
Thank you, Varlaam (diskusia) 05:19, 27. júl 2013 (UTC)

I have now set up a Slovak version of the book list.
It is called 100 kníh 20. storočia podľa Le Monde.
Varlaam (diskusia) 01:32, 29. júl 2013 (UTC)

Vytvorenie novej stránky Ivan Pavle[upraviť zdroj]

Dobry den, prosim Vas o pomoc. Vytvoril som novu stranku na vyznamneho slovenskeho vytvarnika Ivana Pavleho. Objavila sa mi tam informacia, ze sa mozno porusili autorske prava. Neviem o co ide, pretoze som cerpal z informacii, ktore su na webe aj som tieto informacie citoval... prosim Vas, mozete mi pomoct? Dakujem Jozef Heriban

Hello, please, help me. I created a new page on the significant Slovak artist Ivan Paule. Appeared to me there information that is maybe infringed copyrights. I do not know what´s going on, because I drew on information that is on the web and I quoted all of this information ... Please, can you help me? Thank you very much... Josef Heriban

Monuments of Spain Challenge[upraviť zdroj]

Excuse me for not speaking Slovak yet.

Wikimedia España invites you to join the Monuments of Spain Challenge. And what’s that? It’s a contest. You have to edit, translate or expand articles about the Spanish monuments and you will be granted points. So you’re not just writing about wonderful buildings: you can get prizes!

The time of the contest will include all October and any information you may need is right here.

Join in and good luck!

PS: We would be grateful if you could translate this note into Slovak.

B25es on behalf of Wikimedia España.

Some public domain poetry translations[upraviť zdroj]

Dear Embassy and @Wizzard:

[2] has text of several translations by Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav of poetry by János Arany, Sándor Petőfi, and Imre Madách. If I understand correctly, most or all of these are in public domain because the translator and author died before 1926 and they were published in Europe before 1996. You might want to upload some or all of them to Wikisource.

I'm writing here because it seems sk.Wikisource doesn't seem to have an embassy.

B jonas (diskusia) 02:52, 19. august 2017 (UTC)

Thank you very much, I will check it out. --Wizzard (diskusia) 18:20, 19. august 2017 (UTC)

Wiki Science Competition 2017[upraviť zdroj]

Hi! Wiki Science Competition has started. Sitenotices have appeared for sure in USa, Spain, Austria, Russian Federation and Ukraine, and Italy will be join very soon with a massive national campaign.

As a member of the academic committee I did my best to reduce the gap between countries both in the composition of the juries and now in the outreach. I did inform many platforms (enwiki, eswiki, frwiki) during the preparation of the event, now I am informing all national institutions, associations and federations of science and technology I can contact, especially those located in countries without national juries and I am posting notes on LinkedIn groups everyday... and so on. That's why I am here.

We prepared banners for many countries but on meta they say it is not wise to use them all, so if you want to use the style and do one here on your wiki just for few days, just inform us. In the end, the banner is not country-specific.

Otherwise, if you have social media and you want to inform your friends and colleagues, the twitter hashtags are #WSC2017, #WikiScience2017, #WikiScience

Thank you in advance and whatever you do (join, inform, ignore) have fun!--Alexmar983 (diskusia) 14:10, 4. november 2017 (UTC)