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UPA murdered 60 000 - 100 000 civilians, mostly Polish pl:Rzeź wołyńska, pl:Czystka etniczna w Małopolsce Wschodniej.
The main fight against the UPA took place in Ukraine, where mostly NKVD killed and imprisoned. en:Ukrainian Insurgent Army Xx234 (diskusia) 07:13, 28. október 2014 (UTC)

Autorské práva[upraviť kód]

The article was copied from STD by Redaktor:Wizzard in 2008. Xx234 (diskusia) 09:22, 28. október 2014 (UTC)

It is from Slovak Terminology Database which is published under GNU Free Documentation License. Copyright is OK.--Pelex (diskusia) 09:43, 28. október 2014 (UTC)
What about the quality of the ariginal article? I find this article very poor and a reader should be warned - this article is based on Bezpečnostnoprávna terminológia. Terminologia means a dictionary and Wikipedia isn't a dictionary, it's an encyclopedia. This article is biased, it doesn't inform about anti-UPA repressioans (war) in Ukraine, it says about Poland. Some UPA troops moved to Poland because the Soviets forced them to run away. Xx234 (diskusia) 10:15, 28. október 2014 (UTC)
I chcecked the article with encyclopedias when it was created, and it is ok. It deals mainly activities of UPA on Czechoslovak territory and of course it is short stub, not a comprehensive article. Nobody was able to write a better one yet.--Pelex (diskusia) 10:27, 28. október 2014 (UTC)
As I wrote at the beginning - nothing about extermination of civilians and nothing about Soviet repressions, which make the article biased. Please compare the Czech article, also very short, which informs about destruction of UPA in Soviet Union and Slovakia. Xx234 (diskusia) 08:03, 30. október 2014 (UTC)